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Single Spiral freezer

Single Spiral freezer
  • Single Spiral freezer
  • Single Spiral freezer
  • Single Spiral freezer
  • Single Spiral freezer
Product name : Single Spiral freezer
Product No. : TCSP-I-300
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The freezer is a continuous in-line-belt freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and assure quality with gentle handling during the freezing process. Products are evenly fed from the production line directly onto the loading freezer belt. It quickly transports the product into the low temperature-freezing zone. The belt spirals up or down along the rotating drum until it reaches the top or bottom where the frozen product is gently discharged from the freezer discharge port. Due to the large belt surface available, products can be frozen in single layers or individually for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) quality. Because products can maintain their original load-in position throughout the freezing process, sorting after simultaneous freezing of mixed, different products is simplified. With fast development of food industry and continuous revolution of food mechanism, spiral quick-freezing device - - which is new, efficient and energy-saving with compact structure, small area has recently become the first chosen model for large and medium quick-freezing food enterprises.

1,Complete aluminum alloy evaporator is convenient for cleaning, high efficiency in  refrigerating. It works in 12 hours without removing frost.
2,High quality strength web-belt is made of SUS304 high strengh stainless steel wire. The freezing food can be frozen in web-belt directly. The very smooth belt won’t leave any vestige in the freezing food.
3,  Air course design particularly. Spiral tower and the outside wind shield of evaporator are design as symmetrical and gliding circle wind shield. This design increase the effect of heat exchange for freezing food, and won’t lose the coldness at the enter. The operator can go to the room for viewing the equipment working at any moment.
4, Major components is made of stainless steel material, meeting the requirements of food hygiene.
5, It adopts overhead underframe and can be set up in flat. It is installed conveniently very much with no particular request for the base ground.
6 Whole inner subface is made as stainless steel water tank which won’t be leak, clean easily and discharge conveniently.
7 Powerful cleaning devices which is in material entering path wash and blow the web-blet at any moment in order to ensure belt hygiene.
8,Compact construction, Small volume, the direction of inlet and outlet for foods can be desighed according to customers request.
9,Spiral conveying is adopted the advantage technology which is introduced from abroad. Web-belt working is adopted frequency conversion controling and speed can adjust without steps.
10,You can choose the most suitble processing capability from 300kg/h to 2000kg/h, and we can design it according to you conditions.
11,The scope of application: It could quick freeze roast eel,divided meat,aquatic products,nursing food,flour food and other piese, granular and belt food, especially for the freezing food which is thick, big and hot. (like precooling after baking, frying, steaming)

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