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Dorin semi-hermetic compressor rack

Dorin semi-hermetic compressor rack
  • Dorin semi-hermetic compressor rack
Product name : Dorin semi-hermetic compressor rack
Product No. : TCBD
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Dorin semi-hermetic compressor rack

1.  Dorin semi-hermetic compressor

2.   Capacity from 0.5HP~150HP

3.   suitable for R22, R404A, R507

4.   Temp range: 5oc~-25oc



TCBD series compressor rack is with original Dorin semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor paralleled in one system. F means air cooled, S means water cooled. The several compressors share the discharge pipe, suction pipe, condenser and receiver. The unit can be considered as a refrigeration circulatory system, with big cooling capacity. Though several compressors paralleled, they can be centralized controlled. This compressor rack is quite welcome in hotel, restaurant, medical, agricultural, chemical industry, and all other filed where big cold storage room is needed.



1. Dorin Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor

2. With full range, air cooled & water cooled.

3. Multi stage energy-controlling system

4. High efficiency and low noise

5. All the accessories are world famous brand, which with reliable quality.

6. Testing condition:

M: evaporating temperature -7oc, condensing temperature 45oc

L: evaporating temperature -25oc, condensing temperature 45oc

7. Wide application, suitable for different refrigerant.

8. Optional configuration is acceptable.

9. CE approved.

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