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IQF fluidized tunnel freezer

IQF fluidized tunnel freezer
  • IQF fluidized tunnel freezer
Product name : IQF fluidized tunnel freezer
Product No. : TCSLD-500
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1. frozen time:5-20mins
2. deforsting time: every 8-12hours

SLD fluidized quick freezer is the best machine for quick freezing all kinds of fruit & vegetable and some of the seafood. I adopts the two stage belting structure, firstly, quick-cooling stage. Secondly, deep-freezing stage. Independently speed control system, and the speed of the two meshbelts can be changed infinitely.
1.Quick-cooling stage---the food particles are to be quick cooled after entering into the blast room. The surface of the particles would frozen and reach the temperature of 0 C. meanwhile, with the help of the striking chain, the particles would neither stick together nor sticke on the stainless steel meshbelt.
2.Deep-freezing stage---the food is to be moved on a stainless steel meshbelt, the foodstuff layer loosens with the increasing of the airflow. Some of the foodstuff particles become floating(this is the reason why this equipment is not applicable to big bulk foodstuff) when the air pressure reaches a certain scale, which brings interspace among the foodstuff particles, that is the way the fluidized bed come into being.
The floating particles frozen quickly and individually because they are blowing with strong cool air from all directions.
1. Evaporator, adopts the aluminum tube coated with aluminum plate, unique alternative fin space design,which helps to prolong the deforsting time.
2. Heigh pressure fan, to guarantee the foodstuff to stay floating and prevent the particles from sticking together
3. Standard heat preserving board, quickly assembled, combined closely,superior heat preserving effect
4. Evaporative temperature, -40C
5. Condensating temperature, +35C
6. Deforsting: water
7. Deforsting time:every 8-12hours, last no more than 2hours each time
8. Electronical control cabinet, control the speed of the meshbelt,processing time,display the running speed and inner temperature.

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