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Plate freezer

Plate freezer
  • Plate freezer
Product name : Plate freezer
Product No. : PF500
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1.Frozen time:3-5hr/load
2.freezing temp.:-28C(+/-2)
3.Refrigerant:R22(Freon), water deforsting
4.Compressor: Bitzer

1.Digital temperature display(PLC/touch screen control panel)
2.Hydraulic system to lift and press the freezing plates
3.plates are corrosion resistant, polyurethane foam insulation
4.stainless steel insulated boards and doors.
5.cabinet is made up of heavy-duty structural frame, polyurathane insulation and stainless steel sheet cladding. Leak proof and folding doors at the back.


Specification list of the plate freezer        
Capacity Kg/shift PF500 PF800 PF1000 PF1500
Outer Dimension            (cylinder not included) Length(m) 3.71 4.15 4.52 4.85
Width(m) 1.7m
Height(m) 1.8 2.06 2.06 2.32
Plate Length(m) 1.36 1.8 2.17 2.5
Width (m) 1.26m
Size of the tray (mm) 600(length)*400(width)
Volum of the tray 10kg/plate
Space between two plates Fold space 58mm
Unfold space 108mm
Usable layers 8 10 10 12
Cold consumption(kw/h) 20 23 25 34
Power(kw) 19 22 23.5 31
Frozen time 3-5hrs/load

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