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Electric control box

Electric control box
  • Electric control box
Product name : Electric control box
Product No. : ECB-1020
Price : $50.00
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 Brief introduction

1.Temperature range:-40~+50celsius
2. Water-proof; Double sensors
3. Control Compressor&Defrost
4. Defrost protection
5. Compressor delay


General descriptions:
ECB-1020 is a new optimizing product especially designed for refrigerant units with elegant appearance, complete functions, stable and reliable performance and easy-to-operate; ABS material with security, water-proof functions; high quality low voltage electric components, breaker automatically break the power supply to realize the reliable protection during defrost heating protection.

Functions and features:
Double menus management mode: user menu and administrator menu setting, common users only need to set temperature and return difference
2. Double-sensor to control temperature of compressor and defroster separately, safer and more economical
3. Single point to adjust temperature, return difference control, easy -to-operate
4. Defrost heating protection
5. Sensor error and exceeding temperature alarm
6. Compressor delay time adjustable


Product size: 304X382X150mm


Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: Three-phase five-wire (or three-phase four-wire), 380 VAC ±10%, 50Hz
2. Temperature measuring and controlling range: -40~+50oC accuracy: ±1oC
3. Compressor start-up delay protection time: 0~9 minutes (Adjustable)
4. Max. capacity of controlling the compressor and fan (KW): 5.5 11 15
4. Max. capacity of controlling the defroster (KW): 5.5 11 15

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