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Electric control box

Electric control box
  • Electric control box
Product name : Electric control box
Product No. : ECB-30
Price : USD50.00
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 Brief introduction

1.Temp measure & control:-50~+50celsius
2. Dual-sensor 
3. Control compressor,fan,defrost 
4. Defrost thermal & electric heating Protection

General descriptions:
ECB-30 is a new optimizing product especially designed for refrigerant units. Double-sensor control, control three-load synchronously, proper and complete protection functions. Easy-to-operate, stable and reliable performance. ECB-30 is an Electric Control Box with multi-functions and rather high performance versus price ratio

Functions and features:
1. Three -load control, can control compressor, fan, defrost independently.
2. Double temperature measuring sensors to independently control the temperature of compressor and defroster, more safe and economic.
3. Thermal and electric heating defrost
4. Comprehensive protection function for compressor
5. Auto and manual control function
6. Sensor error alarm and alarm when exceeding the temperature limits functions
7. Compressor start-up delay adjustable

Product size: 300X 400X150mm


Technical parameters:
1. Power supply: Three-phase five-wire (or three-phase four-wire), 380 VAC ±10%, 50Hz
2. Temperature measuring and controlling range: -50~+50, accuracy: ±1
3. Compressor start-up delay protection time: 0~9 minutes (Adjustable)
4. Max. capacity of controlling the compressor and fan (KW): 5.5 11 15
5. Max. capacity of controlling the fan(KW): 5
6. Max. capacity of controlling the defroster (KW): 5.5 11 15

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