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Ethylene scrubber

Ethylene scrubber
  • Ethylene scrubber
Product name : Ethylene scrubber
Product No. : TCES-1
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Ethylene is a kind of gas which fruits and vegetables release during their mature. It is plant hormone which promotes fruits and vegetables breath, and accelerates their ripening. Ethylene scrubber can be used alone or together with the nitrogen generator, CO2 scrubber for reducing the ethylene content in the store rooms and forming the ideal storage environment for fruits and vegetables. Our CY ethylene scrubber can effectively remove ethylene. The American original ethylene adsorbent is used in the scrubber with the features of efficient adsorption, safety and economic.


Main specifications:

 1. Air Volume: 130200Nm3/h

 2. Noise: < 60dB

 3. Diameter of pipes: Ф60mm

4.  Timer function: Pre-set the operation time, regular removal (up to 30 hours)


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